Tarot damping pan / tilt ball / medium type TL10A05

Tarot damping pan / tilt ball / medium type TL10A05

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product manual:
Applicable to 10-30 high magnification HD zoom PTZ shock absorption, the use of imported rubber material, ultra-thin hollow smooth hole. The inner cavity of the sphere is filled with a damping liquid, which utilizes the viscous damping characteristics of the liquid so that the shock energy of the momentary impact is dissipated as much as possible in the damping layer. With the slow elasticity of the material to consume high-frequency vibration energy. Greatly enhance the high magnification HD PTZ effect, become a real water ripple nemesis.
Shore hardness: 25HA recommended the use of extrusion-type structure to install more effective, the installation hole 9.5MM / under the installation hole 9.7MM. Single mount proposal 100-180 grams
Note: It is strictly forbidden to squeeze the ball, causing damping liquid leakage, the installation of the use of pull-up, the use of pull down. Need to replace the ball regularly to avoid failure.
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Taor damping pan / tilt ball / medium type TL10A05
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Product Specifications:
Damping shock ball × 3 (14 × 30 × 0.7) 2.3G

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