Tarot 140 FPV game machine level crossing / kit TL140H1


Tarot 140 FPV game machine level crossing / kit TL140H1

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This is a leading industry-standard room through the machine, the motor is the first flip through the machine. Enhance the use of the lift motor flip obtained, the ingenious combination of tripod and rotor protection ring together, very suitable for indoor flight, school teaching applications. You just plug SBUS or PPM receiver, you can enjoy the heartbeat through the interior. Everything else we have been doing, Tarot design standards, changing, leading the fashion trend of small through the machine.

product manual:
Tarot 140 FPV indoor unit through an extremely delicate novel visual experience, bring through the extraordinary experience. Test the aircraft before departure. The machine weighs only 156 grams including batteries, inherited the usual Tarot overall design criteria, so many wonderful to ingenuity can be found on this through the machine.

High-definition camera freely adjustable angle design
1106 Strong Brushless Power
Subminiature 6A ESC
300MW miniatures Biography
Full carbon fiber frame design
Rotor protection ring design
Reliable power connection
Lightweight aluminum hexagonal column
Miniature image transmission antenna
FIG CNC metal shell heat transfer
Ties slip design
Compact overall limit
Free flight mode switch
Flight control firmware factory default channel CH5 homeostatic control rack / manual mode
Homeostasis model: flight control LED red light, beep loudly
Manual mode: flight control LED red light off, beep sound
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Recommended related equipment ID:
Race Level Flight Control: Standard TL300D
Brushless motor: standard MT1106 / TL150M1
Upgraded sold separately MT1106 (TL150M2 / TL150M3)
Brushless ESC: Standard 6A ESC / TL300G
Rotor Specifications: standard 3-inch paddle TL150S1 (8PCS)
Upgraded sold separately TL150S2
Camera: standard NTSC system TL300MN2 / PAL standard TL300M1 (1PCS)
5.8G300MW wireless image transmission transmitter: Standard TL300N2
5.8G Illustrated antenna: Standard TL300K4
Lithium-polymer battery: Optional (11.1V 45C 550MAH lithium polymer battery TL150A1)
SBUS or PPM receivers: Optional TL150F1 / TL150F2 / TL150F3
Product parameters:
Wheelbase: 140MM
Empty rack height / assembly height: 51.5MM / 55MM
Empty frame length / assembly Length: 238MM / 238MM
Empty rack width / assembly width: 233MM / 233MM
Set Weight: 106G
140 FPV stage race through the machine / kit × 1
Battery Magic sticky × 1
Ties battery × 1
Instructions in English × 1

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