Tarot X9D-SBUS 8Channel receiver TL150F3

Tarot X9D-SBUS 8Channel receiver TL150F3

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product manual:
    X9D S.BUS receiver, wiring simple, small and exquisite, single weight of only 3.3g, compatible with Rui Si Kai Frsky X9D (Plus) remote control (D8 mode), XJT (D8 mode), and other high-frequency head. Very suitable for small-class race through the machine-level use.
Frequency Step:
① Click the Frsky X9D (Plus) remote control to enter the menu [MODEL SETUP];
② Click [Option] [D8], [Channel Range] to select the mode [CH1-8].
③ option [Receiver] click [Bind] press the ENT key, now the remote control to issue a "droplet" sound, the remote control to enter the launch of the frequency signal state, and then press the receiver button and then power, at the moment the receiver LED red light often Press the [EXIT] button to exit the frequency mode, the sound of "Droplet" disappears, the receiver re-power on the success of the frequency of the frequency of the completion of the remote control, .
LED Indicator Description:
Product parameters:
Number of output channels: 8 channels
Output signal: S.BUS
Input voltage: 5V-7V
Working temperature: -10 ~ 80 ℃
Size: 24 × 16 × 5MM
Weight: 3.3 g
Product Specifications:
S.BUS receiver × 1
S.BUS common cable × 1
S.BUS connection Tarot 120-150 race through the aircraft flight control cable × 1

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