Tarot Mini OSD Image Overlay System With GPS(TL300L2)

Tarot Mini OSD Image Overlay System With GPS(TL300L2)

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product manual:
Tarot production of new mini-OSD, applicable to all types of aircraft recreation, professional sports and other aircraft movement. This OSD not only has a very mini-size, and the internal program is highly integrated, easy to operate, can detect the current state of the aircraft, compatible with most of the GPS and camera supporting the use of user-friendly.
Product parameters:
Power: DC6-26V (with reverse protection, with camera voltage output, the output voltage and input voltage equal)
Operating ambient temperature: -15 to 75 degrees Celsius
Net weight: about 5.8g (only OSD, does not contain GPS, camera, etc.)
Menu Language: Chinese, English
Product Size: 58 * 20 * 5.5mm
Can be equipped with camera: P system / N system
Storage environment: -30-60 degrees Celsius
Power consumption: <0.7W (OSD only)
Sensors: compass, barometer, gyroscope, accelerometer
1. With barometer and gyroscope, can read the flight height, speed, distance, attitude angle, direction and range;
2. No need to connect flight control to run independently;
3. Installation direction can be set according to user needs, set automatically after the adjustment of data, does not affect the normal use;
4. Small size, the burden of flying small, suitable for flight through the aircraft;
5. There are time functions, can be accumulated flight time;
6. During the flight can be real-time monitoring of voltage, to avoid the flight of the aircraft without the risk of crash;
7. Compatible with different baud rates, most of the common GPS (Universal GPS protocol is NEMA0183);
8. Set up simple, clear display interface;
9. Free computer settings of the parameters, you can turn on or off the data display;
10. Two main interface options: Chinese interface / English interface to facilitate the use of different groups of people;
11. The camera can automatically recognize the N system.
12. Can be determined by remote control home orientation, can also be set to automatically set the home position or set the home position through the button.
Product Specifications:
OSD video overlay system × 1
GPS module × 1
OSD-GPS cable × 1
3M posted × 1
Manual x 1

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