Tarot 8120 / 100kv multi - axis brushless motor TL81P20

Tarot 8120 / 100kv multi - axis brushless motor TL81P20

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product manual:
International standard aviation aluminum raw materials, after Japan's high-precision CNC machining (precision 0.001mm), the use of German imports of tungsten steel cutting tools to ensure processing accuracy, each finished or semi-finished products have to undergo a rigorous quality standard test (0.01mm) to ensure that every Batch consistency. Lightweight, high strength, heat dissipation on the 8120 / 100kv new design concept, the rotor using high-precision dynamic balancing instrument debugging to the best (0.05g or less), the use of imported bearings, all hand winding. Each motor factory has been dynamic, static test, to ensure the consistency of the motor.
Use range: high-voltage motor, suitable for six rotor, eight rotor, high efficiency long flight (long-range operations UAV, large load operation UAV), suitable for paddle range 26-34 inch.
Motor characteristics: lightweight, high strength, high efficiency, heat fast, large pull.
Basic parameters:
Product Type: 8120
KV: 100
Number of stator ends: 36N
Number of motor poles: 40P
The diameter of the shaft: 20mm
Motor size: Φ88.6 * 47.9mm
Weight: 556g
No-load current (A) @ 10v: 0.87
Battery section: 12s
Maximum continuous current (A): 66.45
Maximum continuous power (W): 2782.4
Resistance: 215mΩ
Motor mounting hole pitch: Φ40mm
Product Specifications:
8120 / 100kv brushless motor × 1
Metal paddle gasket × 1
M4 * 35 cup head screws × 6
PC box × 1


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