Tarot ZYX-BD 2.4G Bluetooth data transmission supporting ZYX-M flight control ZYX27


Tarot ZYX-BD 2.4G Bluetooth data transmission supporting ZYX-M flight control ZYX27

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product manual
    Tarot launched the ZYX-BD 2.4G Bluetooth data transmission module, the measured data transmission distance of up to 1.5 km, is a dedicated supporting ZYX-M flight control system research and development, exclusive ground station APP software for the aircraft flight control over the horizon design, Enjoy the ZYX-M bring you the stability of the flight, based on the liberation of your remote control tedious manipulation, touch-screen click, with the point with the flight control experience in a "point" between.
Product Features
    Tarot APP provides user-friendly interface design, support in both English and Chinese, support two map orientation, support real-time power display, real-time flight attitude feedback, allowing users to know the state of flight. Can be based on real-time flight requirements, set editing routes, over-the-horizon independent flight, the mission will reach!

◆ support a key take-off & landing, providing three return point set, intelligent return, novice can fly heart;
◆ provide four follow-up mode for you to carefully capture the figure;
◆ provides three navigation modes, easy and intuitive and can be re-edited, so that your route set more accurate and simpler!

Use of Tarot technology APP to meet the following conditions: Android OS 4.3 and above and Bluetooth 4.0 (iOS system later);
Mobile phone with the ground-side digital transmission module to maintain the range of 0.5 meters, to maintain signal stability;
ZYX-BD Bluetooth data transmission must be used in conjunction with the ZYX-M flight control system.

Product specifications
Tarot 2.4G Bluetooth digital terrestrial equipment (58.78 × 49 × 18.4mm 43.2g) × 1
Bluetooth 2.4T Bluetooth data transmission equipment (40 × 20.3 × 1.1mm 5.6g) × 1
Tarot 5.8G antenna × 1 (115.5 mm 9.9 g)
Sky side equipment connection ZYX-M flight control wiring × 1
Charging Mirco-USB data cable (not included, ZYX-M Flight Control included

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